True-Node Astrology Tools

I had started creating some of these tools for my own curiosity and use a number of years ago. Most of the functionality is derived from the Swiss Ephemeris routines. All of this code is written in Perl. I have thrown some trig on top in some cases. They had existed on a number of domains and had moved along every few years.( for instance). Some of them have fallen into disrepair and I am in the process of updating many of them. The tools come in two basic categories: ephemeris tools and positions tools. Ephemeris tools create tabular output for a small number of bodies over a range of dates - one row per date. Positions tools normally focus on one date, and provide a sorted list of positions for a medium-to-large set of bodies. Most recently these are in the process of being moved from their prior home at eph0 - oldest version of ephemeris tool - only allows one body to be indicated - contains drop-down menu of already-loaded bodies - automatic loading of ephemeris files not yet set up - requires the add function to load new files eph1 - ephemeris tool - multiple bodies may be selected - many options - automatic loading of ephemeris files has been set up - no need to use the add function eph2.0 - experimental functions had been added - was always a bit buggy - currently disabled eph3 - newest version of multiple-body ephemeris - automatic loading of ephemeris files - date interval must be specified in days - date/time must be specified in GMT/UT - features all of the basic ephemeris fields along with - use first listed body as aries point, or center, or for true angle, or distance to - most errors are caught and warnings/errors are informative abe - abbreviated ephemeris generator - working to update this or integrate with eph3 - shows summary of degree changes, sign changes, direction changes for indicated years add - add a body to this site - from the swiss ephemeris files alt - alternative ecliptic positions tool - really just makes sense for Moon I think - currently disabled, seemed buggy I thought - want to integrate this into an updated pos tool nam - name lookup tool, find names for given numbers & vice versa - needs for me to update the lookup with the most recent information when new names are announced oob - currently disabled - want to rehbilitate, maybe integrate with eph3 - out of bounds generator - shows movement of declination outside the tropics and back pos - positions list aka "horoscope" - also will create positions list for a 2nd set of data, or progressions - currently does not have good errors/warnings display - does not have automatic file load, must use add/ function - body types file has not been updated lately pos3 - similar to eph3/ - still working on this - not yet calculates angles/cusps - date/time must entered in GMT/UT also some twitter accounts have been set up - cusps - degree and sign ingresses of main planets and asteroids - cusps_moon - degree and sign ingresses of the Moon - cuspects - enter/leave 1-degree major aspects for Moon, main planets and asteroids [also check these other internet tools] * Online Astrodienst Free Horoscopes and Simple/Complex Chart Options * Download Riyal * Download Astrolog * Working Online Swetest Page * Working Online Astrolabe Page * Working Online Zodiacal Zephyr Page * Working Online JPL Horizons Page Contact Me.